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Jams and Jellies made by Caitlin's Canning Kitchen

Now what?

If you are anything like I was when starting out – you have jam’s and jellies coming out your ears. It is only when you take a look at your pantry (or wherever you store your delicious goods) that you realize you most likely aren’t going to use 40+ jars of jam/jelly anytime soon. Yes, I make a good point to give plenty to friends and family (as long as they promise to return my jars) but I enjoy finding ways to use my goods.

Below are a number of ways that I have found that jams and jellies can be used…

    • On toast (okay, yes, everyone knows this but I had to point it out 😉 )
    • Marinade for meat (Surprisingly enough, the Mint Jelly is a great marinade on lamb!)
    • Thumbprint cookies (If you don’t know what they are, you make a traditional cookie – usually a shortbread – and before putting in the oven, you make a crater with your thumb in each. Then, fill with the jam/jelly of choice and bake!)
    • Turnovers (I’m sure many of you have heard of apple turnovers. Now, you can make them at home! You can use jam, jelly, or even a pie mix and fill with your own home canned fillings.)
    • In drinks (I’ve been guilty of using my Mint Jelly in making Mojitos! Also, there are a number of syrups I make to add into drinks – such as adding in Blueberry Syrup to Lemonade. Yum!)
    • Ice cream Sundae Topping (Yes, you read that right – warm up a little bit of your jam/jelly, and pour over ice cream!)
    • BBQ glaze/sauce (We love mixing together our jams/jellies with regular sauce, and spices to brush over meat. I’ve also mixed together BBQ sauce and homemade grape jelly to cook little smokies in 🙂 )
    • Vinaigrette (Yes, make your own vinegars and even salad dressings!)
    • Appetizer (Mix with some cream cheese on crackers!)
    • Mix in Tea (For a little extra flavor!)

Get creative! There are no limits on what you can use your goods for. What is everyone else’s favorite use of jams/jellies?

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