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Top 5 Reasons to Garden

Top 5 Reasons Why YOU Should Garden

I frequently get asked why I garden but everyone may have their own reason why. It is such a rewarding hobby and a great stress reliever. Once you get started – it may surprise you how much can be harvested in such a little space. Each year I’ve been lucky enough to expand my gardening space – no such thing as too much or too little garden! If you only have space to add a few herb pots in your kitchen window, it is a great start.

Here is a list of 5 Reasons Why You Should Garden:

    Produce and fresh herb prices at the stores are outrageous! For a few bucks (typically below $5), you are able to plant multiple seeds that will flourish into full-size plants. Each of which will hang heavy with multiple fruits and vegetables and/or you may be able to eat the whole plant! One thing I suggest is take a year to record what produce and spices your family tends to use. This will allow you to hone into what things you should really focus on when preparing for your garden. You will be amazed on how quickly your savings add up!
    Nothing is ever certain – especially in the current times. Economics aside, self sufficiency is also beneficial when you have to take natural emergencies into consideration – whether it be a drought, flood, or some other emergency, your stores may not be able to bring in the goods you typically purchase. With growing your own garden, you know that you can easily walk out to your garden, or even kitchen window, and have fresh food on your plate each day.

Our first garden space was a small 4′ x 4′ raised bed. At the end of the gardening season, I was still able to harvest 60lbs of tomatoes from 3 plants!

    This is one of my top reasons why I opt for a home garden each year – living in a rural community it is very difficult to get the fresh produce I want each week. Then, when produce is available, it isn’t always in the best shape – bruised from shipment, old, etc. I find great joy in being able to grow unusual (read: not your typical tomatoes, and peppers) produce in my garden, and eating it fresh daily!
    When you are able to watch your food grow from seed to table, you know your food hasn’t been contaminated. You know the entire life cycle of your food! Better yet, fresh organic food has been proved to be more nutrient dense and better tasting!

The following years we moved and left behind our first garden. With slightly more backyard space, we built two 4’x8′ raised beds! With the new space we added in produce we hadn’t tried before – corn, beans, carrots, and multiplied the foods we grew previously – our tomatoes, peppers, okra, and cabbage.

    Your all around health will improve – mental, and physical. You will gain a sense of achievement from the moment your first seed sprouts until the time you harvest your first food! Also, you’ll be outside more often tending to your garden – increase your vitamin D, burn more calories, reduce your stress, improve your overall physical health and happiness. Lastly, you can spend your garden time to have a little get away me time or share the fun and make it educational.

    Bonus: Working in the garden can be a great learning experience for all! Not only do you get a physical workout, but you learn all of the ins and outs of how your food is produced while spending more time with your family.

In the last year we were able to purchase our dream farm. Once again, with more space we were fortunate to expand our gardening space. This time, we had our two 4’x8′ beds but added an additional four 2’x8′, one 2’x4′ and even got an in ground run approximately 70′ long. My hopes are to finish the remaining four 2’x8′, and 2’x4′ beds as well as greatly expanding the in ground gardening space. I’m going to keep working to that 100% self sufficient goal all while pushing myself to learn more.

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