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Jams and Jellies made by Caitlin's Canning Kitchen

Now what?

If you are anything like I was when starting out - you have jam's and jellies coming out your ears. It is only when you take a look at your pantry (or wherever you store your delicious goods) that you realize you most likely aren't going to use 40+ jars…

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Pot Roast in a Jar

Pot Roast in a Jar

As mentioned in Reasons why I home preserve, one of my favorite parts of canning is having quick and easy meal options. With that being said, Pot Roast in a jar is probably one of my favorite 'dump' meals! Yes, you read that right - I can pre-prep a pot…

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Homemade Lemon-Garlic Beans Recipe

Lemon-Garlic Green Beans

And, we're back! That should be the last hiatus from posts for awhile - thank goodness! So, to catch everyone up - the garden is going nuts, okra is producing daily, and I'm finally getting the hang of hide and go seek with the cucumbers - aka I'm starting to finally…

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Easy Bread and Butter Pickles

Easy Bread & Butter Pickles

I can't contain my excitement about my ever producing garden (I know, you're super excited too!)Current Counts: (clarification - this is what is still remaining on the plant)75 tomatoes (you read that right!!)5 jalapenos4 banana peppers6 bell peppers5 revived-cabbage (take that, worms!)4 fuzzy headed corn (Reminds me of the plumes…