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Cinnamon Pickles

Christmas Holiday Pickles

Similar to Cowboy Candy, this was another one of those recipes I kept hearing about and wasn't sure if it was real or made up. Well, let me tell you, it is 100% real -  Christmas Holiday Pickles are here to stay.  Fair warning, this isn't something that you can…

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Zucchini Pineapple

Zucchini Pineapple

As the growing season carries on, the amount of zucchinis on my counter continue to pile up. Since zucchini, or other summer squash, have a limited number of proven recipes due to its' pH (5.69-610) and density, I couldn't wait to give this one a try! I was skeptical at…

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Peach Bourbon Jam Recipe

Peach Bourbon Jam

Guys & Gals - I am sooooo excited to share this recipe with ya'll. As I'm sure you're all learning - jams & jellies are a great place to start when canning - no need to worry about pressure canners, and very low risk (if any) of botulism. Your biggest fear…

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Drunken Cherries

Drunken Cherries

I've been wanting to get around to making these drunken cherries for a long time and I finally remembered to pick up cherries at the store. Plus, I think they will make great gifts come Christmas time and wanted to ensure that they are as delicious as they sound! I…

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