Admittedly, canning can seem overwhealming at first – but I promise, it becomes much easier with practice. I wanted to compile a list of commonly asked questions (which I am sure will be ever growing).

  1. Can I use my Pressure Canner to Water Bath?
    Yes, the pressure canner has many uses such as acting as a pressure cooker, and a water bath. In order to water bath, you must leave the lid unlatched (just sitting on top) to avoid pressure building.
  2. Are pressure canners and pressure cookers the same?
    No! In order to safely can goods, you must know the pressure at any given moment. When using a pressure cooker, you have no physical proof as to where the temperature/pressure is than the high/medium/low dials on your stove top. Additionally, most (if not all) tested recipes are done so in a regulated environment (i.e. a pressure canner). A safe tested recipe in a pressure canner can become un-safe when using the wrong processing means (i.e. using a water bath and/or a pressure cooker).
  3. Can I use store bought produce to safely can?
    Yes, however – there are a few caveats. Most store bought produce have been preserved in wax to ensure longer shelf life. Due to this, it is very important to remove skins and/or thoroughly wash produce before canning. (Please note, that some foods require complete removal of skins for both store bought, and home grown goods).

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