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Top 5 Reasons to Garden

Top 5 Reasons Why YOU Should Garden

I frequently get asked why I garden but everyone may have their own reason why. It is such a rewarding hobby and a great stress reliever. Once you get started - it may surprise you how much can be harvested in such a little space. Each year I've been lucky…


Garden Update

I apologize for yesterday, life happened. It wasn't until 9pm that I even made it out to my garden to check how things are progressing. [WARNING - Garden update] There is now 31 [green] tomatoes (that I could find), 3 jalapenos, 2 bell peppers, 5 half-eaten cabbage (thank you, worms...), and…


Garden 2017

As mentioned previously, my favorite time of year is here - garden season! I've started my daily ritual of going out and checking out my [plant] babies (as I call them) to make sure there are no bugs, check that flowers are popping up, and counting each and every fruit/vegetable…

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The beginning

The hardest part is starting...Seriously, where should you start? The garden, of course!Since my first garden (Summer 2016), I have moved onto bigger and better things! I learned my lessons on what does and does not work in building a garden, also that plants thrive better next to particular friends…