Pear Scrap Jelly

Pear Jelly

Going with the theme of little to no waste like in Blueberry Butter and Blueberry Syrup, we wanted to find more ways to get the most out of our produce. With that being said, we wanted to delve into the wonderful world of ‘Scrap Jellies.’ As the name implies, we utilize what would otherwise be considered scraps to make delicious jellies. For this recipe, we started off making Pear Butter (recipe to come), and wanted to keep the fruit skins as well as cores. Keep in mind, this quick and easy recipe can be utilized in many ways such as Apple Scrap Jelly, Peach Scrap Jelly (hopefully this weekends plans), or even more unique ones such as Plum or Mango Scrap Jelly. Get creative 🙂

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Pear Butter

Pear Butter

As mentioned in Jalapeno Jelly, we have been canning away. One of our recent endeavors was Pear Butter. Similar to an Apple Butter (a project for later this fall), this recipe cooks all day in a crock pot to bring out the rich flavors but you are able to adjust the recipe to be completed on the stove as well. As always, there are a many different ways to flavor the butter to your liking but below is our rendition.
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