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Dill Pickles

Dill Pickles

We have previously done a 2-Day Dill Pickle recipe, but sometimes you just need something that gives you the same great taste but in a lot less time. This time, we opted for a simple take on traditional Dill Pickles. Since this is a quick recipe, we are not using…

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2 Day Dill Pickles

2-Day Dill Pickles

Yes, you read that right - 2 days! Granted, day 1 is easy but very time consuming, it does take 2 full days to finish the canning process (plus another 4-6 weeks to let it sit, but I digress).Before we get going - I figured I would start off with…

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Pickled Okra Recipe

Pickled Okra

Today has been a busy day! Between cleaning house (yuck), maintaining the garden, dehydrating apples, and finally getting around to canning, I am just now sitting down!The garden is doing fantastic! Today we officially pulled our first red tomatoes in addition to 3 jalapeños, 3 bell peppers, 2 banana peppers,…

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Homemade Dilly Bean Recipe

Dilly Beans

I may have gotten a wee-bit overzealous yesterday afternoon/evening and decided to do a small batch of Dilly Beans using fresh picked bush beans from the garden (see Garden 2017 and Garden Update)! Dilly Beans [Yield: (6) Pints]Materials: (all materials can be found on The Necessities for reference)6 pint jars (plus flat…